Cindy Skop is an award-winning photojournalist who lives in Lakeland, Florida — by way of New York, North Carolina, and Louisiana — with her husband, son, dog and cat.

She has worked for several major news organizations throughout her 26+ year career.

Cindy is an adventurous, kind-natured free spirit who loves to travel.  Most recently, she has travelled to Haiti and Jamaica for photo projects, which can be seen here

She believes in photography that is impactful, creative and eye-opening.

"The task of a photojournalist is to create rigid, ethical images in order to tell an honest story.

In my 26+ year career, I've photographed everything from Presidents to pets, but the best images I have produced came from hard news; the kind of news that makes a viewer cringe with emotion.

Most people seem to get stuck in their daily lives forgetting to look up or around. I like to think I help them want to take off their blinders and awaken to their environment.

The camera has become my way to make humanity — and myself — realize that there is more to our own existence.

My life's goal is to continue to awaken the community that surrounds me with the imagery that presents itself.​"

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